Ankit Electrograting - an ISO certified company bringing to you a range of Electroforged Grating to cater to your industrial flooring needs.

Ankit Electrograting can be well used instead of Concrete Base, Chequered Plates, M S Plate and manually fabricated grating and is stronger, durable, corrosion resitant, safe, capable of bearing high temperature, safer, cost effective and has high load carrying capacity

Ankit Electrograting is a leading ISO Certified company for design & manufacturing of industrial steel floor electroforged grating in Chhattisgarh (Central India). Plant is well designed with electronics control and entire manufacturing process is programmed and controlled to achieve homogeneous forge weld at each intersection that is incomparably resistant to twisting and bonding distortion. Thus the grating panel has high stability, maximum strength & optimum load distoration.