Stair Treads

Stair Treads are the horizontal portion of a step on which you place your feet. Grating stair treads are durable and completely slip resistant. Grating treads are ideal for workplace safety when oil and lubricants are present. Slip resistant treads keep their traction even in extremely slippery and harsh conditions like steel mills and manufacturing plants.

Our stair treads are mainly manufactured by the process of bar forging. We can manufacture stair treads to any length and width to meet your specifications. Below is a table of guidelines for different grating types and their recommended span. Ankit Electrograting also provides floor plate nosing on stair treads for high definition and extra grip.

Recommended Max Span
Load Bar Size 25 x 3 25 x 5 32 x 5 40 x 5
Span 30 mm 550 900 1300 1600
Span 40 mm 450 750 1200 1500

Installation methods

  • Open grating: bolt and universal clip
  • Checker plate: bolt or tech screw
Stair Treads
Ankit Electrograting Stair Ankit Electrograting Stair

We have Two different types of stair treads here at Ankit Electrograting, shown in the table below. The application for the stair treads will depend on which type of nosing you should use.

Stair Treads without Checker Plate Nosing
  • T1. Plain Stairs
  • T2. Stairs with Carrier Plate
Stair Treads with Nosing (Checker Plate)‚Äč
  • T1. Plain Stairs
  • T2. Stairs with Carrier Plate

  • Advantages :  Grating stair treads are ideal in areas where frequent use or exposure to slippery environments increases the risk of accidents and liabilities in environments where dangerous elements are prominent.
  • Availability :  Grating stair treads are available in many different styles and spacing options to meet a variety of needs and applications.
  • Durability :  Grate stair treads coated with Paint or Galvanised has a high durability strength and are long lasting.
  • Protection :  Steel products require a protective finish such as paint or galvanizing. Steel products can rust easily if exposed to moisture of any sorts. Steel products should be primed, painted or hot dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion. Hot dipped galvanizing is the preferred method for corrosion resistance.
  • Application :  Non-slip grating stair treads can be welded directly onto stringers or can be bolted in place.
  • Slip Resistant Standards :  Grating stair treads meet and exceed all the requirements for an BIS slip resistant surface meet all standards and test requirements.

Stair treads are utilized by countless industries for a vast array of applications. Stair treads applications to learn more: